Fundraising Committee

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The Fundraising Committee of the World Society shall be responsible for planning fundraising activities in order to support the work of the World Society to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. The Fundraising Committee shall be composed of one to three members per continent in addition to the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Director. The Chair of the Fundraising Committee shall be designated by the President and approved by the Governing Council.

 1 Giovanni Stellin  (Co-Chair)Padova, Italy
 2 Christo I. Tchervenkov  (Co-Chair)Montreal, Canada
 3 Richard A. Jonas
 Washington DC, USA
 4   Jeffrey P. Jacobs
St.Petersburg, USA
 5 Robin H. Kinsley Johannesburg, South Africa
 6 Christopher J. Knott-Craig Birmingham, USA
 7Hiromi Kurosawa
 Tokyo, Japan
 8 Shunji Sano
Okayama, Japan
George E. Sarris
Athens, Greece
Andreas Schlichter
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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