The Database Committee of the World Society is to work towards the creation of a Global Database for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery. This goal shall be achieved in cooperation with existing continental databases and other societies. The Database Committee shall be composed by one to three members per continent in addition to the President, First Vice-President and Secretary of the World Society. The Chair of the Database Committee shall be designated by the President and approved by the Governing Council.

James K. Kirklin Birmingham, Alabama, USA

James St. Louis Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Jorge L. Cervantes-Salazar Mexico City, Mexico

Sertac M. Cicek Istanbul, Turkey Craig

Collum Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Frank Edwin Accra, Ghana

Kirsten Finucane Auckland, New Zealand

Jose Fragata Lisbon, Portugal

Rodney Franklin Middlesex, United Kingdom

Krishna S. Iyer New Delhi, India

Jeffrey P. Jacobs St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Marshall L. Jacobs Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Hani Najm Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kisaburo Sakamoto Shizuoka, Japan

Nestor F. Sandoval Bogota, Colombia

Christo I. Tchervenkov Montreal, Canada

Henry L. Walters Detroit, Michigan, USA