Two ways of accessing the World Journal

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1. Click on the World Journal link in the top menu

This will validate your membership expiry, and then redirect you to the World Journal website.

2. Use the links in news posting on new journal content

Starting with March 2024 new postings on the site, you can access an article directly using the “Read this article” link, rather than being directed to the home page of

Click through the on the news posting, to a new issue or online first item (only starting with March 2024 news).

Click Read this article (or the World Journal menu at the top of the site), and you will get to a page that validates your membership.

You are then redirected to the

Not a current member?

World Journal No Access message screen shot.

If you are not member, or your membership is not up-to-date, there will be brief pause before you are directed to You will be sent to the journal site, but you won’t have access full text. You can jump to the renewal forms during the pause, or visit online membership payment page to bring your account up to date. Memberships are processed every day, during normal business hours.

Having Problems Logging In?

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